"Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity."

(Kahil Gibran)

A little about me... My name is Anna Agati.

  • I am a qualified Psychologist in Padova (Italy), with a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology.
  • I have been working in the field of Psycho-Socio-Education since 2009, working closely with Associations and Co-operatives within Italy.
  • I was involved with collaborations such as: Anffas; Autismo Padova; Cooperativa Socio-Culturale and the Università degli Studi di Padova.

My Responsibilities:

  • Senior Area Consultant: Cognitive Activation Programs.
  • Area (Dis)Ability : Developing and foreseeing necessary projects in order to promote skills such as Autonomy, Quality of life and Interpersonal Relationships.
  • Counseling for Expats.

My Professional skills & attributes:

  • I am Ethical; Multicultural and an Active listener with mutual respect to others.
  • I also place close attention to narrations and their meanings.
  • Since 2015, I have been living between Portugal and Andalusia, working with expats and collaborating with locals people and communities.
  • I operate and work in 3 languages: English, Portuguese and Italian.
  • In my free time, I love to write and Travel. I try to Travel as much as I possibly can and as simple as is feesable, which allows me to live the reality of the local people.

Fidatevi dei sogni perché in essi è nascosta la porta dell'eternità.

Kahil Gibran